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The Wonders of Water – (Please read this article) 

Remotely isolated far from the toxic industry of modern man, showers of blessings provide Kauai’s Mt. Waialeale, the “Wettest place on earth”, with over 515 inches of rainfall each year.

Located deep within the heart of Kaua‘i at a location known by few is a natural spring aquifer that purges rich minerals as it seeks to find natural light provided by the process of precipitation. These minerals together with a pristine location provide Kaua‘i Springs with one of God’s last pure natural resources on earth. The water is naturally filtered by thousands of feet of volcanic strata and is also proctected by the EPA, the DEC, the DOH and the Food and Drug Administration. These regulations adhered to by Kaua‘i Springs insures a natural product above and beyond all others.

Taste Kauai’s award winning water and see Kaua‘i Springs bottled at the source, Kahili Mountain.

Kaua‘i Springs has been rated the best tasting water in the state of Hawaii by the American Water Works Association.